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Golden Dog

Your Checklist

Before booking your animal health certificate with Easy Pet Travel we recommend that you carefully read the instructions below and ensure you have all the information you need through our checklist:

Owner Details

Please ensure your owner details show correctly on any supporting documents you will have to submit. If it is not you, the owner but a relative or friend taking your pet, please use the contact us link.

Pet Details

You are allowed to take a maximum of 5 pets (dogs and cats). Please ensure the microchip is working. Your local vets will be able to check this easily. You do not need to check the registration details linked to the microchip.

Rabies Vaccination

Please ensure your pet's last rabies vaccination is still in date. It will say so in the supporting documents you will submit.

Supporting Documents

Please take a photograph or use a scan app on your mobile of any supporting documents you have:

This could be a vaccination card issued by your vet, an old UK passport or a current EU passport or it might be a rabies vaccination certificate issued by your vet.

The owner details (full name and address), your pet's details (date of birth and microchip number) and the rabies vaccination details (date given, name of vaccine, batch number, valid to date) and your vet's signature and stamp all have to be included in the documents you attach to your application

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